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    Fundamentals of Dressmaking / Sewing Skills

    The purpose of this SLP is to equip learners with the necessary basic skills to become a seamstress.
  • Engineering

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    Aligning the Fundamentals of Design Systems Thinking Process to Lean Principles

    This programme is 5 days contact sessions where each session conceptualises as an organising framework to teach people how to focus on unending waves of change in manufacturing companies due to lean transformation with consequent successes and failures. The aim is to provide the programme participants with a working knowledge of how lean movement must support the successes, encourage the thinking to recognize the failure with formal engineering-type failure analysis.
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    Introduction & Intermediate: Rapid Electronic Prototyping

    To equip participants with a fundamental understanding of rapid electronic prototyping techniques. Apart from generics, specific attention will be paid to the Arduino platform and its functions. This program will provide participants with hands on contextualised training.
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    Introduction to PIC Microcontroller Programming

    The purpose o this programme is to equip participants with a fundamental understanding of programming PIC Microcontrollers. Apart from generics, specific attention will be paid to introduce microcontroller architecture and the C programming language used during firmware development and electronic product development
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    Introduction to Rapid Electronic Prototyping

    The purpose of this program is to equip the participants with a fundamental understanding of Rapid Electronic Prototyping. Apart from generics, special attention will be paid to the use of the Arduino platform and open source software.
  • Information Security

  • Cybersecurity

    The Cyber Security Executives and Senior Management awareness workshop is a one day workshop. The aim of the workshop is to equip Executives and Senior Managers with understanding potential risks faced by their organisations and the role they ought to play in managing information risks and overseeing Cyber Security as a whole. Participants will gain confidence in cyber security awareness and understand information compliance in their respective business units to ensure they demonstrate compliance.
  • Environmental Sciences

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    Environmental Management Inspectors bridging course for Environmental Health Practitioners

    The purpose of the SLP is to capacitate practicing EHPs employed at Local Authority to be able to be appointed as EMIs. This will allow them to enforce environmental legislation within their areas of jurisdiction.
  • Arts

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    Batik, Tie and Dye

    This programme is designed to equip participants with such competencies as practical training experience and skills that will prepare them to establish small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in batik, tie and dye. The programme will be offered in various modes totalling 120 notional hours. It will be conducted over a period of six weeks at four hours per day.
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    Choir Management

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    Entrepreneurship for the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries

    This programme is designed to provide capacity building in entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic planning, leadership, intellectual property management and practical instruction for starting and growing their small arts, cultural and creative businesses. In addition, it will offer a platform to help participants understand and fulfil the compliance requirements of specific cultural/creative sector financiers
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