Research Ethics

Research ethics has become one of the most important topics especial in human research, first in health research and more recently in biomedical research studies. However, even though research ethics may be seen as focusing mostly on health, clinical and biomedical research it does also included social sciences and humanity as well as engineering.

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Research Ethics and Integrity is a SLP that focuses on ethical issues in research as well as research standard of conduct in research activity. Research conduct is just as important as research ethics as this covers matters of research publishing, plagiarism, responsibility and accountability. Moreover, this is also critical in research collaborations and public trust in conducting research especially one that involve community engagement and data. Therefore, Research Ethics and Integrity SLP will be developed to address issues arising in research ethics, research integrity, and research conduct. The goal of this SLP is to create broad modules within the framework of research ethics and integrity to enable researchers to conduct their research studies in an ethically sound manner.

The objectives of this SLP are:

  • To teach and train on research ethics and integrity
  • To develop a program that can be offered across disciplines
  • To expose researchers to different types of research ethics issues and decision-making or resolutions
  • To increase knowledge capacity development in research ethics and integrity amongst researchers
  • To create an environment in the university where researchers are ethically aware and conduct themselves conduct themselves ethically


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