Effective Selling Skills

Effective Selling Skills is a practical training course aimed at helping you to sell effectively into your particular market environment. Whilst some aspects of selling may be regarded as universal, the way they are applied may vary considerably depending on: the nature of the product or service you are selling; the need of the person to whom you are selling it; and the nature of the selling interface.

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This course addresses the task of persuading your clients to buy your products and services [instead of those of your competitors], and the unique aspects of your selling situation will be worked into the course material as the intervention progresses.


The emphasis of this module is on helping you to apply your selling skills successfully in the field.  The programme includes all four of the primary skill areas associated with good selling:


*         identifying needs;


*         presenting facts, advantages and benefits;


*         handling objections;


*         winning commitment / closing


Since clients often have little direct vested interest in the products and services they use [because of competing alternatives], effective selling also depends on the extent to which the salesman can differentiate himself and the company from the competition.  Relationship is an important factor and buying decisions are made as often on the strength of professional credibility as they are on product benefits.  However, there is a tendency [in commerce and industry as a whole] for salespeople to focus much of their effort on product detailing only, at the expense of techniques aimed at differentiation and relationship. 

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