The Cyber Security Executives and Senior Management awareness workshop is a one day workshop. The aim of the workshop is to equip Executives and Senior Managers with understanding potential risks faced by their organisations and the role they ought to play in managing information risks and overseeing Cyber Security as a whole. Participants will gain confidence in cyber security awareness and understand information compliance in their respective business units to ensure they demonstrate compliance.

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The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the Basics of Online Safety and Security
  • Understanding information compliance and regulations.
  • POPI Act and organizational responsibilities associated with protection of personal information.
  • Understanding organizational risks associated with social media.
  • Understanding the importance of general awareness training and general risks that employees are exposed to.
  • Improve secure working processes and reduce Cyber Security risks.
  • Aligning Cyber Security with organizational initiatives.
  • Good practice and general principles for application access and security.
  • Mitigating risks in connected devices.

Entry Requirements

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Board of Directors, Risk and Audit Managers.

Also Senior Managers and Executives in the following areas: Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Relations, General Managers, Communications Managers, Chief Operations Officers

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