Footwear Design & Manufacturing

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The program is designed to empower you with a working knowledge of the footwear industry, including pattern design and manufacturing theory of footwear.


In this programme formative assessment will be conducted by means of in-class activities as well as assignments which must be completed in the participants own time. In-class activities are to enable students to assess their own level of competencies with the assistance and
support of a lecturer present before submitting a project on the subject dealt with in class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Achieve a thorough knowledge of the technical designs in footwear.
  • Demonstrate and present creative footwear design projects.
  • Identify and assess different materials and components used in the footwear industry.
  • Develop knowledge and skills of how to market and brand oneself.
  • Understand and present the six classic footwear patterns.
  • Identify and assess the different machines used in a footwear manufacturing facility.

Needs Analysis