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    Batik, Tie and Dye

    This programme is designed to equip participants with such competencies as practical training experience and skills that will prepare them to establish small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in batik, tie and dye. The programme will be offered in various modes totalling 120 notional hours. It will be conducted over a period of six weeks at four hours per day.
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    Choir Management

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    Entrepreneurship for the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries

    This programme is designed to provide capacity building in entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic planning, leadership, intellectual property management and practical instruction for starting and growing their small arts, cultural and creative businesses. In addition, it will offer a platform to help participants understand and fulfil the compliance requirements of specific cultural/creative sector financiers
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    Footwear Design & Manufacturing

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    Fundamentals of Dressmaking and Sewing Skills

Needs Analysis