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    Business Ethics

    Although not a new aspect of business, it is becoming increasingly acknowledged that clear and substantial business ethics and moral business practices leads to greater long-term effectiveness and therefore profits/success. This short programme helps delegates determine what business ethics are and the benefits of following a sound moral code. It also deals with the development of corporate culture as a function and result of these ethics.
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    Leadership Development

    Leadership Development can be split into two overriding sections - building personal leadership characteristics as the foundations of leadership and effectiveness, and identifying and developing appropriated leadership styles congruent with context and organizational prerogatives. Each leadership style is critical to the overall success of the enterprise and organisation. Leaders can be a combination of two or more leadership styles.
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    Principles & Practices of Project Management

    The purpose of the short course: Principles and Practices of Project Management is a 4-day programme to provide the basic foundational knowledge, principles and practices applicable to modern-day project management in this highly dynamic and competitive environment to project stakeholders
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