After the storm of this pandemic is over

After the storm of this pandemic is over, schooling will never again be defined by the attendance of structures made up of brick and mortar but the power of technology will be unleashed like never before.

The buzz word is EduTech. It is the Small Businesses that can curve themselves a niche in this potential technological boom.

Every facet of our lives is going to be impacted by this Coronavirus pandemic some facets will be impacted more than the others but impacted they will. Being the World of Work, the World of Teaching and Learning, Channels of Communication, Human Interaction etc, will without a doubt never be the same.

The biggest missing link is the release of the spectrum with its concomitant spin-offs. In short, technology will be the name of the business game.

-Vusi Nkonyane, Chief Executive Officer, Prime Property Portfolio Investment A
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